Sunday, June 03, 2012

#wmdevdays - finished a book a source, then what?

Both #Wikibooks and #Wikisource do a terrible job promoting their finished product. The Wikibookers and Wikisourcerers move on to the next book or source. A new source may get a moment of glory as a featured text or as a new text. A new book may be featured.

The problem is not so much with the Wikibooks and Wikisource projects, it is with what these projects actually are. They provide a workflow for the transcription, the proofreading and the final touches for the creation of digitised books and sources. As long as these are works in progress, they are not the finished product the general public is looking for.

The finished product of both projects is beautiful, lovable and deserves attention. The finished products deserve the attention of the public, they should be provided it in formats like EPUB and ZIM and it should be really easy for people to find and use them.

It is important to bring the best of what Open Content has to bring in sources and books to the public. Finding a big public will motivate many of our volunteers and it may bring us more volunteers. As we publish more titles, our projects gain relevance. As the final product becomes a more polished product people will love what we do. We already do.

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