Wednesday, January 20, 2016

#Wikimedia - What I wish was strategic

The Wikimedia Foundation asks people to consider its future. This is part of a strategic reevaluation of what it does. The aim is to renew the vision so that in the future our readers will be optimally served.

  • Our objective is to "share in the sum of all knowledge". This should stand but practically we should "share in the sum of all available knowledge"
  • We should research how we can improve our reach for all our projects. 
  • Wikisource should get an additional front end that is mostly about presenting books that are finished to the public. This will likely exponentially increase the relevance of Wikisource
  • Wikidata could be central to many processes in other projects. The problem is that only in Germany development work is done. It is why opportunities like replacing wiki links and red links are not considered to improve quality.
  • We need to map where our projects are weak. There are many relevant subjects that are underserved. Gender diversity has a momentum of its own nowadays so let us focus more on the subjects where we are really weak.
  • The Wikimedia Foundation is more than Wikipedia. The singular focus it gets diminishes our other projects and as a result we do not realise what we aim to achieve; "share in the sum of all knowledge".

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