Friday, June 12, 2020

Professor Vassie Ware - an early recipient of an early career award

On the page of the "GlobalYoungAcademyTeam", you find many young academies. You also find "early career awards". These young academies, these awards are represented by "Listeria lists", when something changes in Wikidata it is reflected in them.

The WICB Junior Award is an early career award for women conferred by the American Society for Cell Biology. An English Wikipedia article provided the initial content for this award and given that there are many people interested in what this award is about, I included all recipients of the award. Professor Ware is the earliest recipient I added by hand.

The standardised Listeria lists, show the people who are included, it shows their occupation, identifiers for ORCiD, Google Scholar and VIAF and it shows the number of publications known for them. The approach is a wiki approach and it is therefore fine that we only have two publications for Professor Ware, we do not have a freely licensed picture of professor Ware yet and, there is no Wikipedia article either.

Once a list is reasonably complete, new information is added all the time. It follows that the Scholia page for the award and for a scientist like Prof Ware evolve. In the true wiki spirit, a structure is provided and anyone who cares to makes a difference. A difference for the understanding of science and for the people who make science what it is.

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