Saturday, August 29, 2020

Proposal for the liberal use of data from the Wikipedias and Wikidata

Every Wikimedia project has information available that could be shared with other Wikimedia projects. Data is incomplete in every project and the objective of this proposal is to indicate missing data so that it may be included.

It starts with a category. This category links to six English Wikipedia articles. Using a tool, that information is now available in Wikidata as well. As this information is further enriched, it is found that one article should be included in the category.

The category exists on many Wikipedias, in the defintion of the category it is known what content the category contains in Wikidata. Reasonator shows the information with an inbuilt query. When you check the article with a list, it is obvious that many articles do not have a category entry. The latest entry in the list is known to Wikidata thanks to the Latin Wikipedia..

The proposal is simple. Have a messaging agent that indicates missing categories on articles. This will enable any Wikipedian to add them. For Wikidata we would import data based on the definition of categories. The process would be enabled per defined category.

  • Nothing happens on a Wikipedia without prior agreement
  • The mechanism used is by default one of signalling and not of updating 
  • It follows existing practice for importing data from Wikipedias into Wikidata


OlanTagliaNo said...

Actually one may speak of mutual exporting: data from Wikidata to other projects and the contrary, right?

GerardM said...