Thursday, September 10, 2020

Амама Мбабази is a politician who held multiple positions in the Ugandan government

Amama Mbabazi is a former Prime Minister of Uganda and held many other governmental positions. There are 19 Wikipedia articles for him, Mr Mbabazi is notable. 

When you want to find a picture for him and you know his name in Russian, you can use Special:MediaSearch. You can also find him with اماما_مبابازى

One of the positions Mr Mbabazi held is Justice Minister of Uganda. English Wikipedia has a category for these Ministers, at this time two people are included but not Mr Mbabazi. There are ten Ministers missing in the category. Mind you, it is English Wikipedia that has a list that made my work at Wikidata possible!

On the talkpage for the Wikidata item for Justice Minister of Uganda, I added the {{PositionHolderHistory}} template. A bot updates the information every day and it adds comments on the quality of the information. This makes it easy to add positions of interest to a watchlist. 

On my Africa project you find Listeria lists for African political positions. It is duplicated to several Wikipedias and once a Wikipedia is synchronised it will show information like the lists that include Mr Mbabazi. 

One day all the data will be complete and up to date. In the meantime it is a "work in progress" and you are kindly invited to check the information out, find its shortcomings and make updates where necessary.



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