Sunday, June 24, 2007

Did I miss something

With increasing amusement I have been reading Kelly Martin's assessments of the people aspiring to become WMF board members. Many of the candidates have had the pleasure of Kelly's caustic pen. At some stage however, it got too much for me. Her latest had a few gems in it. Frieda, who happens to be the president of the Italian chapter, was attacked because a photo was showing some cleavage.. I had to go back and see.. did I miss something ??

Giving Frieda's position it is only natural that she wants to make the chapters more prominent. Kelly's assessment that the Italian chapter is run as a social club and chapters are for social networking.. Well, it is clear that Kelly needs some education on this. Given that she refers to Clay Shirkey's hell, I wonder what her role would be in such a social network.

In her "Nonbovine Ruminations" Erik Moeller was seen in at least as friendly a light. Erik took the trouble to answer; his conclusion after a lot of debunking: "Nothing I could say, no explanation I could offer, would allow you to rationally analyze what is really happening. You know all about me already, after all."

The high point comes in what Kelly has to say about Danny.. Here I feature as "Erik's trained attack dog". Well, I must show you sometime the certificate to prove the training I had to qualify.

Given all these pleasantries, there is a blog entry that explains why Kelly does not run herself: "it would only be good to get a great deal of attention (that is, drama)". Well, apparantly she has a craving for drama, it is the best way I can explain her ruminations. It also expect that this strenghtens her position in her home community.. in her own words: "I am widely disliked at the English Wikipedia".

The voting for three seats of the WMF board is imminent. I hope that the people who bother to vote take the time to read what board members do, what candidates have as their platform and particularly come to an understanding if the person they consider to vote for will have a positive and collaborative influence on our organisation. There is a lot of work to be done and when the board is burdened by people with a negative attitude, outlook it will make it that much harder to get something done.

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