Sunday, June 10, 2007

The point of OmegaWiki

Sabine wrote a great blog the other day about how combining content from Wikinews Positano news and OmegaWiki creates something that is really fascinating. Please read her blog first if you have not read it yet.

The great thing is that things have moved forward already. Martin Mai, who is with the University Bamberg, has written a first incarnation of software that assist the reading of an article on the Positano News. It provides you pertinent information one click away; it gives you translations and definitions it even allows you to go to for more details to OmegaWiki.

For me the most important point is that much more will be possible because OmegaWiki has its data in a database and not as a MediaWiki page. What Martin created is very much a mock up. It even works, but it is only a start. More is possible, it needs a fertile mind and some cool programming.

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