Thursday, June 14, 2007

More Anthere at the Holland Open Software Conference

I have been on the lookout for the video registration of Anthere's presentation at the Holland Open Sofware Conference, it has not surfaced yet. What I did find was an exclusive interview that Anthere gave to the ANP. As ANP is a press agency, the same content could be found in several places, for instance here and here.

Several topics that were not covered in her speech can be found in the interview:
  • Anthere expressed the wish to adapt our software and improve the accessibility, the visually impaired are specifically mentioned
  • There is more about promoting our content in developing countries, not only do we want to make our content available as relevant is making their information available in our projects
  • With the growth of the Wikimedia staff, it is increasingly important for the WMF to be well organised and not only have finance be the top priority
  • Quality has a high priority particularly in the bigger projects
    • Self promotion is mentioned
    • The lack of sources is mentioned as a reason for deletion on some projects
    • Anthere indicates that she would not follow the Citizendium model where specialists check up on articles, they are fallible too.
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