Friday, June 01, 2007

A long tale ISO 3166-2:US

At OmegaWiki we are awaiting some new functionality.. Erik is away for a meeting and it will go life when he gets back. In the mean time I have been playing with a new collection; the ISO 3166-2:US is a list of US American administrative units including states and territories.

I was prompted by a guy who is really working hard to add vocabulary in Khmer. He had already done the countries and territories of this world and he followed that one up with this info. What I really liked was the distribution of the translations in other countries.. There was already quite a lot. There were the languages that were almost complete, while adding the collection I added the Dutch translations.

I hope people will find the collections a good start for adding translations in their language. Particularly the Swadesh list and the language lists are relevant. The language lists are particularly relevant because they are used in the user interface.

What you notice in all these collections is that there are some that are complete or almost complete and then there is a long tail of languages with some translations.. With time we will get more languages but we will also get more languages completed for the collections.

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