Friday, February 15, 2008 and

In the last week, two great resources were pointed out to me. TED is the one I like best; it is a great resource with some brilliant talks given by some brilliant people. The subjects are all over the place but what struck me most was a talk about how much we get things wrong when our perceived reality about the third world is confronted with numbers. The other one that was as revealing was about how to develop the Ethiopian market for agricultural products. Both speakers changed my thinking. I do thank Millosh for getting my attention sharing TED on Google reader. was pointed out to me on the foundation-l mailing list by Pharos. He pointed out the many movies that can be found tagged as Wikimedia. I have had a look and indeed, I am so happy to see the many Wikimania recordings that I did not know existed. I am happy with was is there, I am sad for what might be there as well. Maybe more recordings can be added to this wonderful collection.
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