Friday, February 01, 2008

Group statistics in time

The Group statistics in time provide you with information about the localisation of MediaWiki. The numbers are impressive. In a year the number of languages that have a full localisation have doubled. In the last month alone 5 more languages have been completely localised.

The most impressive news is that in just a month 25 more languages have the most often used messages localised. I expect that this will have an effect in reaching out to the readers of our wikis, I hope that we will help more of them to becoming editors and consequently be better able to bring information to more people.

There are still bounties to be won for languages in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The first claims for Tajik, Northern Sotho and Marathi have been completed. We really want MediaWiki to be the software that is the preferred way of informing people in any language on the Internet.

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