Sunday, February 24, 2008

Asterisk at Fosdem

, fosAt Fosdem, I met some of the Asterisk developers. For those that do not know, Asterisk is the leading edge open source software for telephony. If I understand things well, it is even used in the WMF Office. I had a really wonderful talk with one of the senior Asterisk developers. What I learned that for telephony localisation is very much about the differences in telephony between countries. The dial tone, the exchanged tone is different from country and when a person is ringing in from a different country it helps THEM to understand what the status of their call is.

So where Internationalisation is about how telephone exchanges work for Asterisk and where Internationalisation is about language for what I am used to, it seems to me that a combination of the two is what makes a most compelling package.

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