Sunday, May 16, 2010

New #Wikipedia logo and new #MediaWiki functionality

As a rule of thumb, you can rely on people loudly being unhappy when things change. The inclusion of the new logo together with the implementation of the vector skin is either a stroke of genius or plain good luck.

When you compare the existing logos of all Wikipedias, there is much variety. When you want to reinforce the notion of a trademark, it makes sense to harmonise.The old logo is bigger and therefore more crisp, so it is likely that the smaller version II will become bigger and more crisp when all the bitching has ended . A small price and a small improvement to get the other functionality in.

Magnus cobbled together a really nice gadget for the Commons main page. It is the kind of thing that demonstrates that Commons is about pictures. In his own words: "Hacked something" and "Feel free to alter". There were enough people who found problems and happily the tone was positive.. I hope it will find a use not only but also on the Commons main page.
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