Thursday, May 20, 2010

#iPad, iDodo and #Android

First there were e-readers, they were closed but cheap and did one thing well. Then there was the iPad it did took over the attention from the e-readers and is a closed, expensive but more capable tool.

Adroid is different, its website talks about "what is new". You are expected to know that it is an operating system for ... eh ... Its logo is available under a CC-by license ...This operating system is available to any manufacturer and Android phones outsell the iPhone.

Understanding the i-thingies is easy because there is little to choose from. There is only one supplier. Choosing for Android is easy but then you still have to choose the hardware that serves your need best.

I have not really been paying attention.. is there already something sizeable running Android that competes with the iPad ?? Who is manufacturing it, who is selling it in my market ? Do I have to wait like Apple has me wait ??

Did I say that it is your choice what you do with your Android, did I say that it is open source, did I say choice.. your choice?
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