Thursday, May 13, 2010

The future of #wikipedia? Women !!

The Bebaskan Pengetahuan 2010 competition is doing outrageously well; consider:
  • the number of regular editors have more then doubled
  • over 60% of the top 6 are female
  • the quality of the articles is second to none
  • universities pit their best against each other and, it is a no holds barred competition
The students of the 10 universities  really have to work hard; they get extra points for editing every day, every sentence has to be supported by an appropriate reference even taking part in the discussions using the talk pages is valued in this competition. Not only will many new quality articles be created, as important a new generation of Wikipedians find their way into our project.

Out of 87 participants only 37 are allowed to continue in the competition. This is based on the quality of their contributions. At this time Kartika Sari Henry is the best of the best. This is certainly a project that breaks new grounds.

For the Public Policy project it will be impossible to make as much of a difference. It is even easy to argue that their project would benefit by reaching out to the Indonesian universities because they and for instance a Russian and a Dutch university are needed to prevent the inevitable bias that will be the result when only American schools take part in this project.

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