Monday, May 14, 2012

Benefit from the #MediaWiki Babel extension

At a Northern Sami Wikipedian asked for and was given translation rights. When a person wants to localise in a language, we ask to provide us with information about the person's proficiency in the languages he or she knows. At we use the Babel extension for this.

When the Babel extension is not localised, I often ask people to localise Babel. This time the person had not provided us with the opportunity to send him an e-mail so I went to his profile on the to ask the question.

On the profile page I found his Babel information provided by templates and as you can see to the right, many templates are missing and some like the one for Swahili and Japanese are incomplete. I copied his Babel information to my talk page. For some of the languages there is no localisation but the information is now at least readable in English.

The templates provided me with enough information to localise some of the Babel messages in Northern Sami. All that is left is for these messages to be distributed to the Wikimedia projects.

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