Monday, May 07, 2012

Four essential questions

#MediaWiki supports #Unicode and any script that is supported with a freely licensed font is a candidate to be supported by the WebFonts extension. As I was looking for freely licensed fonts, I came across a charming web site. It provides translations to four questions that are really relevant to travellers:
  • Where is my room?
  • Where is the beach?
  • Where is the bar?
  • Don't touch me there!
The list of languages and scripts is impressive. It is great to know how to ask these questions in 538 languages; understanding all the potential answers is something else again. In order to show the questions, fonts are needed to represent all the scripts involved. Originally this was part of the project:

The Gallery of Unicode Fonts was created by David McCreedy and Mimi Weiss in March, 2004 as part of their Four Essential Travel Phrases website. In October, 2006 the site was ceded to WAZU JAPAN. is a really interesting source of information for fonts for many scripts.

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