Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ahead of the pack

The Wikimedia Foundation has a beautiful statistics presentation of the growth versus the size of its Wikipedias. Erik Zachte was inspired by the beautiful statistics by Hans Rosling's Gapcasts. This beautiful presentation ia available in two ways:
  • an 8Mb Flash presentation
  • a javascript-only 'Wikimedia Projects Growth Animated'
The second version requires HTML-5 this is a brand new work in progress and consequently it is only available in the latest browsers. Firefox 3 is in its beta 4 incarnation currently the only browser able to run this.

With the browser wars hotting up, it is great that Firefox can be found ahead of the pack where it really counts; ahead in supporting standards. Standards that are the same for everyone. I am also really happy that the WMF actively in the forefront of stimulating standards.

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