Friday, March 21, 2008

Negative growth in the Betawiki statistics

This weeks extension of the week is Central Auth. The functionality of Central Auth is better known as "Single Logon". As the first experiments with Central Auth are taking place, this extension has been made an "extension used by the Wikimedia Foundation". This means that more messages are part of this group in in Betawiki.

Regurlarly messages appear, change or get deprecated. This has an impact on the statistics of the localisation. With the appearance of Central Auth, several languages do not make the grade any more to be counted in the "group statistics in time".

Given that Single Logon is applicable to ALL WMF projects, it does not make sense at all to localise locally. By localising in Betawiki, the messages will become available on all wikis and the statistics will once more show the improvement in the support for our readers and editors.

Please help your language and localise in Betawiki.

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