Sunday, March 30, 2008


Yesterday I brought a friend of mine to the railway station. I brought him by bike as he had come on his tricycle. His bike is a marvel of engineering and as it is a folding bike, he is allowed to bring his bike on the train and this enabled him to come to the party we were at.

In 2004 he came with a rollator, another important gizmo that allows him to extend his mobility. At the time we worked on a Wikipedia article on that subject. I had a look at the article today and I find that it has little to do with the "walking frame" that is supposed to be the equivalent on the English Wikipedia.

When my friend, we were together in secondary school, got in the train, I had asked him to make a photo of him on his bike and one of his bike folded. As these things matter, I asked him to write an article on Wikipedia or send me the photos so that I can write an article about it.

My friend used to ride a racing bike and he toured long distances... Today I am happy that he has a tricycle and was able to be there.

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