Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another obvious reason to support SignWriting

The notion of SignWriting is one that I have take a fancy to. For those who do not know, SignWriting is the only script capable of writing sign languages. There are many sign languages.. according to Ethnologue there are 121 sign languages.

The arguments for SignWriting are
  • when written, a language a culture is able to write its own history
  • it stimulates the native preservation of both the language and the culture
  • children who learn to write their native language first do better academically
At the conference in Bamberg I learned that many translators of a sign language learn the language in university. They learn it like you learn a foreign language. The obvious reason why SignWriting can be so relevant is that it is so much easier to learn a language when it has a written component.

This has been staring me in the face ... only now I see it :)

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