Friday, November 07, 2008

Wikipedia Affiliate Button

As it is this time of year again, we are asked to support Wikipedia. Wikipedia is to be understood to be everything the Wikimedia Foundation stands for. When you ask people for continued support, one way of motivating this is by showing what has happened in the past.

The WMF has published its annual report; it gives an accounting of what the WMF has been doing.. Practically, we have had a great year, the systems have proven reliable, the organisation has been relocated and fleshed out. Functionally many improvements were implemented, Single User Logon finally arrived. I learned at the Wikimedia Conferentie Nederland that an exportmechanism is about ready to export MediaWiki information into software used in schools.

Because of all the great work that is done, I do endorse the Wikimedia Foundation. Obviously there are things where I think the WMF should do better. When you give them your support, it gives them the ability to be responsive to the future needs of its users and communities.

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