Sunday, November 09, 2008

Frustration with a Wikimania presentation

At the Wikimedia Conferentie Nederland Jan-Bart de Vreede mentioned Uniwiki and the Uniwiki functionality for MediaWiki. He mentioned that Kennisnet is interested in running this functionality on some of their wikis. At that time these extensions were not supported in Betawiki.

Siebrand has spent more then a day preparing the i18n for these extensions. He found in this process that the software does not run on our "bleeding edge". He documented this in the code, we are trying to get into touch with the Unicef developers... Things are going reasonably well.

At Wikimania a presentation was given by one of the Uniwiki developers, so I decided to download the presentation... It is a 1.1 gigabyte file that I first have to download before I can watch it. Given my interest in the subject I bother to do this. However, if this presentation was streamed I am pretty sure that I would have seen it already.. it has been downloading for an hour and I have over an hour to go...

Obviously I am glad that I can, it is just that we assume "instant on" functionality.

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