Sunday, November 02, 2008

Presentation at WCN 2008

In Utrecht at the Wikimedia Conferentie Nederland, we had another really well organised and nice conference. Many speakers with relevant and interesting topics in three tracks, there were some really nerdy topics like 3-d printing and repairing doa OLPC systems, topics that were really well received given by people who lived their subject.

I was invited to talk about "A Commons that supports languages" and together with Andre Engels, I was the first to speak in room C. Sadly a video projector was missing, so you see this presentation first.. Obviously there was a video projector for the next speaker.

My presentation went well anyway. People in the Netherlands do appreciate why Commons should support other languages, they were happy to learn that we have demonstrated that this is something that we can do and they share my hope to see Wikimedia Commons content available for the other people of this world.

People that have been at my presentation may know my last slide, so I have included it for those who do not know what it refers to ..


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