Monday, March 02, 2015

#Diversity - the Lillian Smith Book #Award II

There are two ways of improving the content of Wikidata. It can be by adding large amounts of statements or by adding more details to existing data. As I was adding the details, I found that several award winners do not have an article. Adding them in Wikidata is easy and obvious.

Mr A.G. Mojtabai for instance received the award in 1986. Adding a red link in Wikipedia is not hard either. Thanks to the Redwd template, I linked him to both Wikidata and to Reasonator. One issue is that all these authors and the award are primarily known on the English Wikipedia. Consequently their work and relevance has at this time a limited public.

It would be nice when the presence of great information at Wikidata will lead to articles in other languages. The question is very much if it does.
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