Tuesday, March 31, 2015

#Wikidata - What to do in a #Datathon II

There is little point to a Datathon when the results have no practical impact. By implication there is little point to Wikidata when it has no practical application. Luckily most of the Indian languages use Magnus's extension to search making any and all advances in Wikidata immediately useful.

The next thing is to decide for a datathon is what it is you want to expose in your language, your script. The result will be biased but the difference is in not sharing this information. That option is even worse.

Having said that, there is one upside to concentrating on a subject domain. Take for instance the "King of Nepal", you will see that it is referred to "List of monarchs of Nepal". All these listed monarchs are now a "king of Nepal". It now takes one person to add a label in Nepalese to make this label visible on all the monarchs of Nepal. It is a subclass of "king" and, it takes one person to add a label in Nepalese for all subclasses of king.

This is the beauty of adding labels in Wikidata. Once it has been added, it is used everywhere. A label for "politician", "lawyer", "date of death" are added once and are in use on hundreds of thousands of items. Adding labels is therefore really satisfactory and effective.

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