Wednesday, March 25, 2015

#Wikidata - #Chiefs and #Nigerians

Mr Willie Obiano is the current Governor of Anambra State. At this time, there is no article for one of the more influential men from Nigeria.

It is easy to add information about him to Wikidata as abundant information about him is available on the Internet. When you read about Mr Obiano, he is referred to as Chief Willie Obiano. It follows that in addition to being a governor he is influential for being a chief.

You may also find that Chiefs in Nigeria are organised and as such Mr Obiano is a "chief of chiefs". How to recognise Mr Obiano as a chief is not clear to me. He was elected a chief and he was elected to be the chief of chiefs..

I would love when people step up the plate and add this information that is important to understand Nigeria.

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