Sunday, March 01, 2015

#Diversity - the Lillian Smith Book #Award

Lillian Smith who is obviously white, openly embraced controversial positions on matters of race and gender equality, she was a southern liberal unafraid to criticize segregation and work toward the dismantling of Jim Crow laws, at a time when such actions almost guaranteed social ostracism.

The Lillian Smith Book award honours those authors who, through their outstanding writing about the American South, carry on Smith's legacy of elucidating the condition of racial and social inequity and proposing a vision of justice and human understanding.

It is obvious that these writers are important as sources for the subject and consequently, registering them as award winners is important. This was done by harvesting the information from the article using Magnus's LinkedItems tool,

Obviously more can be done.
  • including all her work in Wikidata; it does not need a Wikipedia article
  • including all the works of the prize winning authors
  • adding dates as a qualifier for the award winners
  • complete the list of award winners
  • work on similar awards
There is always more that can be done on a subject as relevant as this.
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