Thursday, February 07, 2008

Wikiversity on UNESCO's CI News

Wikiversity has a course called "Composing free and open online educational resources" that targets teachers and teacher-students without prior knowledge about free and open educational resources. This course will start on March 3rd 2008 and a registration for participation is needed.

The course will be given in English but resources in other languages can be created as part of the course work for this nine week course.

I think it is absolutely splendid that Wikiversity is able to get UNESCO's attention and have it included on the CI News. Getting attention with cool projects makes a difference; in this way Wikiversity creates its own space and relevance.

The students will start creating educational material in many languages as part of the course. It is exactly the MediaWiki environment that is well suited for this. Currently there are projects in over 250 languages and the quality of the localisation of MediaWiki is improving continuously; in Januari alone localisation was done in over 130 languages on Betawiki.

So good news from Wikiversity and I hope that the course will go really well :)
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