Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ndonga and Dzongkha

Ndonga and Dzongkha are two languages. One is from Africa the other from Asia. Both still have a Wikipedia, one is officially closed the other is in the process of being closed. The dz.wikipedia is officially closed but has not been closed. The localisation effort is well under way and currently 78.12% of the most used messages have been localised. The ng.wikipedia has eight articles has no localisation and the usual people object to the closure of this project. On the talk page of Drini I found an anonymous coward indicating that something may be done soon ....

When projects are voted to be closed, they are not closed. This means that people like Drini have to continue their fight against spammers. There are two parts to the problem as I see it.
  • When the time of stewards like Drini is free and infinite and when they do not object to doing this work there seems to be no problem. We should however value the time of people like him and make sure that it is used sparingly and well
  • When policies lead to resolutions and these resolutions have no effect, what is the point of having these policies, these resolutions and all the time spend?
When policies have no effect, when nobody cares either the policies are wrong or we have to do a cost benefit analysis of the policies. When we find that the cost of having dead projects is less then the cost of blocking these projects we should abandon the policy for closing projects.

PS I do not think it wise to close the Dzongkha wikipedia at this time.
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