Monday, April 21, 2008

Interim MediaWiki releases or MediaWiki language packs

When the latest stable release of MediaWiki was prepared by Brion, Betawiki was going to continue to support MediaWiki by keeping track of the messages that are valid for the new stable release. 13947 new localisations have been added to the 202201 messages, this is an increase of 6,90%.

As the many localisers at Betawiki continue to do their great work, we can provide better support for the new stable release. The first thing that needed doing was identifying the messages involved and then it was necessary to export the messages. This last part was buggy until now.

The improved localisation is currently available here. When Brion finds a need to issue an interim release for 1.12, we expect that the localisation will become part of the package

What we have to figure out is how to inform all the people and organisations that will benefit from this new feature.
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