Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Works for me ... the BBC

I am a big fan of the BBC news. I used to listen to it in my car 648 Mhz, the BBC world service, news, no adverts, no nonsense. At the moment it is my primary source of news.

The BBC has a new skin. As always some like it, some hate it. It is functional. It is functional except for the embedded video; when I choose to see one, I get a black screen with a few dots moving in a circle.

As I want to have it work for me, I contacted the BBC, I informed them about my browser and the problem I had. I got as a reply that they had tested Firefox in their Quality Assurance process. I was even informed that "In fact I use it on Firefox every day."

I would love to repeat after this fine person; it works for me...
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