Friday, April 11, 2008

Getting the message out

The success of Betawiki is in its community; a group of people who maintain the localisation of MediaWiki for their language. There is always work to do at Betawiki because the MediaWiki developers constantly modify the MediaWiki functionality and the functionality of the extensions.

When a localisation is largely done, it is best to regularly return to Betawiki and do some maintenance on the localisation. In this way the amount of work needed is not so bad. Then again, it is easy to forget and time flies...

It is with pleasure that I can announce that Siebrand has written his first extension. An extension that allows us to send an e-mail to the users that have a confirmed e-mail address. When people do not want to receive an e-mail, they can opt out and read the information on the wiki.

We intent to send a message once a month informing about the latest developments at Betawiki. By keeping our community informed about the latest developments, we hope to maintain the interest in Betawiki and the quality of the MediaWiki localisations.
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