Saturday, April 12, 2008

Statistics that get a life of their own ...

One of the metrics I use to explain why there is still so much localisation to do is quote the percentage of languages that have less then 50% of the most used messages localised. For me it demonstrates really well how much work still needs to be done. Currently 42% of the linguistic entities do not even have these messages localised. This is already a big improvement :)

Today I noticed Siebrand inform people working on a new language that only when 50% is done of the most used messages, he will commit a new language to MediaWiki. I love the idea that things can only improve.

Some great factoids
  • Kaustubh has been made an honourable member of Betawiki for his work on Marathi and Hindi.
  • One of the participants of the bounty program is giving his bounty to the Wikimedia Foundation :)
  • The Asian languages are doing REALLY well in Betawiki
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