Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Now with daily quality checks ..

The word advertise means "call attention to" or "make publicity for". Announce has very much a similar meaning but with an advertisement you want people to DO something.

This is an advertisement...

Betawiki now reports on its daily quality checks. Every day a script checks the messages that are problematic and updates a page with the current issues. This helps our localisers to find what messages are problematic. There are several categories like "variables" - the number of variables used is not the same as in the original English message, "plural" - for these messages the plural is not implemented in the message for the language etcetera.

With this new function we hope that we help our localisers to be more efficient. As their time spend is the most valuable resource that we have, we are mindfull about how we can make this time as fun and well spend as possible. Every day the localised messages are submitted to SVN and once the codebase of the WMF servers is updated, the updates will be life.
Nice factoids
  • The localisation for Manx got started recently and is doing nicely (55% of the most used messages)
  • Egyptian Arab completed the localisation for the most used messages
  • The bounty program is still open for more languages ... see Betawiki for details....
  • Twenty nine new core messages were added in the last week
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