Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ζαχαρίας Διακονικολάου blogs as my guest today :)

When I first got the mail about the rally I decided to participate. I had missed the previous rally (December 2008) for only a few messages and so I wanted to contribute from the beginning in order not to miss it like before.

I started contributing from the first day of the rally and I finished the 500 new translations in the second day. I was translating in the MediaWiki extensions. Then me and Omnipaedista decided to finish the MediaWiki core which had only a few messages left untranslated and after that the Extensions used by Wikimedia. The work there was hard (big and difficult messages) but we finally achieved it.

In the whole effort I was looking in the translator score because I wanted very much to be the first one in the top of the month and the week. Also, another thing I wanted was to improve a lot the statistics of the Greek language. Besides that I also worked with the Pontic localisation in order to work on FreeCol.

By making all these many things were achieved. The Greek Wikinews completed the localisation requirement. My knowledge in Pontic was improved a lot and learned a variety of useful things in it. The Greek language had a brilliant progress in localization. But the main thing is that I became more familiar with translate wiki, I understood much better the system, and that I experienced something very useful for me.

Of course, everything we achieved during the rally should be maintained. That is why there are 3 Greek translators (me included) that will be looking on the interface to update it and translate the new messages.

In the future, the biggest goal is to complete the greek language localization. Some other goals which I would like to achieve is to get in the top 50 translators and reach the 25% of FreeCol in Pontic language. So generally I am not planning to disappear from translatewiki.

Finally, I would like to thank Gerard for the honor of being the first guest in his blog and all the translatewiki Staff that made this rally take place. I hope that there will others too in the future.



Siebrand Mazeland said...

No other word from me but 'Yay!'. We need loads of users like you, preferably indeed about 3-5 per language, for some 260 languages ;)

Purodha Blissenbach said...

I would have liked to participate in the rally, but since I had all Mediawiki related messages translated already weeks ago, all I could do were new messages in two languages, and a little message documentations - by far not enough to reach somewhere near 500. So, had I been lazier in the past, it could have earned me money now. ;-)