Thursday, August 27, 2009

Key note .. GOOD

Every Wikimania, Jimmy Wales gives his "state of the wiki" presentation. This was the key note I love, the presentation was particularly about Wikipedia and all its language versions. He discussed what we can do to make all our Wikipedias provide all the information to all people.

What I loved about the presentation is that he indicated the existing questions, the difference between the Wikipedias and that he asked all of us to share ideas on how we can progress our projects in the future.

The strategy wiki is where all the ideas all the numbers that are important to decide our future are brought together..

One real surprise is how quickly the video of presentations come on line. So let me know what you think!!


pavlosh said...

Sorry (and you can call me dummy :) if you wish), but I have no idea where I can get said presentation video.
Would you please advice on that?

Gregory Kohs said...

The Strategy Wiki has already banned me for (GASP!) making a suggestion that Jimmy Wales is not the best available leader for the Foundation, so I guess all's well in the rose-colored WikiWorld.

Anonymous said...