Wednesday, August 26, 2009

LocalisationUpdate update

The hackaton at Wikimania brings together many people who are now involved in LocalisationUpdate. Both Brion, Roan and Tim have put a lot of time in making LU Wikimedia ready. To name a few of the issues:
  • There is now only need for one instance of the LocalisationUpdate database for all the 700 WMF servers and all the extensions used by the WMF.
  • The performance of getting data from SVN has been vastly improved; it now uses SVN software itself to get the data out of the code repository
  • The software of the stable release 1.15 has been updated so that it will work. This is big boon for external Wikis.
  • The documentation has been updated to reflect all the changes. 
  • The most exciting thing for me: it will go life soon.

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