Friday, August 14, 2009

LocalisationUpdate update

I received this e-mail from Roan Kattouw with some great news .... He is part of the Usability Initiative team..

Just now I've enabled the LocalisationUpdate on the prototype sandbox
so we have a staging area for it. Sandbox is running r54813 (others:
please don't update the core code on sandbox for a while, kthx). You
can see that a bunch of Afrikaans localizations for the toolbar was
added in r54979 [1] but are visible on sandbox [2], even though it's
running r54813 [3]. The toolbar on Wikipedia is not translated to
Afrikaans at all right now [4].

Roan Kattouw (Catrope)


Roan updates this environment every hour, so when Siebrand updates SVN with new localisations from you will find that the environment is updated in an hour.

A big thank you to Roan, Brion and Tim who did a lot of work to make this possible this quickly.

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