Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NIH academy 2009

Frank Schultenburg presented about the NIH Academy that was given for several hundred NIH personal in Bethesda Maryland. Key points by Frank Schultenburg:
  • know your arguments
  • be clear about your goals
    • improve the understanding of Wikipedia and how it works
    • give confidence in the editing of Wikipedia
    • improve the credibility of Wikipedia
  • Build credibility by engaging experts
  • Communication is key 
    • e-mail
    • weekly IRC meetings
Points by Jay Walsh:
  • if coverage is important, make sure that you have a quality event
    • key is you have a good relation with you partner for making this happen
  • understand the importance of your communication channels, press release blogs, twitter
  • the story is as good as the quality of the material that you have
    • good quotes, good photos, good story
  • are you allowed to edit AS a NIH employee, what to consider
On the question about what about something like this for the "other" languages, the answer was that everybody can organise this. Given the amount of professional attention for this academy, personally I do not see yet how this will happen.

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