Monday, August 10, 2009

Updating the Serbian localisation in the Latin script

The Serbian language is written in two scripts; Cyrillic and Latin. There was a demand for the user interface in both scripts as well and a lot of work was done to do the work for both scripts.

The funny thing was that there is this script that transliterates from one into the other. Particularly the transliteration from Cyillic into Latin is easy because there are no disambiguities.

Yesterday we discussed this with one of the Serbian contributors to and we decided that there was nothing to stop him from running the script for the localisations as well.

There are now 3438 localisations waiting to be committed for the MediaWiki extensions alone... It may be that this same script can be run for other languages as well...

I think our rally is a great thing.


Unknown said...

try out my serbian transliteration:

GerardM said...

* Your URL does not work for me
* I do not know any Serbian so I cannot really test it.

Please contact the people of the Serbian Wikipedia on this one, they will be happy to use the best possible transliteration engine.