Sunday, August 09, 2009

What are chapters there for

Suppose you live in a wonderful country and everyone wants to live there... So over the last hundred years there has been a big influx of people. These people had children and at home they speak a different language, a more exotic language. Some of these people are second or third generation people. I could call them native and they are under the law but they still speak the language of their mother, the language where their family originated from.

Suppose this wonderful country has a thriving Wiki community so much so that it has a chapter and let us also suppose that this country has one dominant language and several languages that are quite historic but are no longer spoken in the shops, the factories, the schools.

The question is what does this mean for the chapter; when as many or more people speak an immigrant language, should they support it to the same extend as a native language ?? Should they welcome the people who speak these other languages as readily ??
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