Monday, May 31, 2010

Board member candidate

There was a public call for candidates for the board of the WMF. Candidates that will be chosen by the chapters and represent them. Then the period to put in a candidacy was extended because there were only three candidates.

I have put myself forward as a candidate for a seat on the board. When people want to know what I am about, they can start by reading my blog.
  • I want investment to provide the other languages with a level playing field
  • I want better information about other cultures on the English Wikipedia
  • I want to enlarge the reach of our projects aggressively
  • I think the pendulum of private communications within the WMF should swing back in the other direction
  • I want to discuss the numbers used to base our strategy on
To make a real difference on such subjects it is good to be part of those who decide. Given the many posts on my blog, the numerous contributions on mailing lists, my involvement with the development of parts of MediaWiki, I consider to be a known quantity. This makes it easy for the chapters to understand that with me they will have a friend on the board working for their benefit.

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ரவிசங்கர் said...

gud. let me know if, how, when i can vote. thanks.