Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The #agile #bugmeister

The #Wikimedia bugmeister works in an environment where increasingly more development teams adopt agile for their project management. As the function of a bugmeister is not defined in agile, the question was raised during the training for the localisation team what a bugmeister is in an agile environment.

We love our bugmeister and, we want to fit him in. The short answer is that a bugmeister represents aspects of both business analysis and quality control. The long answer has it that software is accepted based on the compliance of a "user story" in the software. For a reported bug to be a bug in the understanding of agile, it does not comply and it results in a user story explaining the breakage. The existence of a bug may also indicate that a "user story" exists where the existing functionality does break. The analysis of such a situation is what a business analyst does. The resulting user stories are presented to the "product owner" for inclusion in a next sprint.

When the previous paragraph sounds like gobbledygook, it is very much because of the specific terminology used by agile. Having specific terminology is a good thing because it forces an agile newbie to consider and reconsider his understanding of what is expected of him or her.
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