Sunday, October 02, 2011

#Facebook appears to be broken

I have a sweet spot for the #Myanmar #Wikipedia and when I got the message from Zaw Thet Aung that all Wikipedians are taking a long wiki break, I was saddened but not surprised. Saddened because there is such a need for high quality, neutral point of view encyclopaedic information in Myanmar. Not surprised because it is so hard to write articles in the Myanmar language.

What I hope for is for someone to help us with fonts for the WebFonts functionality, combine this with the existing keyboard mappings we support in Narayam and my belief is that the Myanmar community will be enthused when they check this out at So much so, that they will enter a bug in bugzilla to enable both extensions asap for all their projects.

When I "View Post on Facebook", the result is underwhelming. It is broken.

It is not that strange that I only now notice Facebook is broken for me. All my posts refer to my blog posts and I have this automated. There is hardly ever a reason for me to Facebook.
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