Saturday, October 22, 2011

#Fundraising is a growth path for a #Wikimedia chapter

The Dutch chapter is meeting. First line of business, providing some clarity about the existing fundraising situation. The current situation materialised because the American authorities require the Foundation to ensure a consistent world-wide practice.

As a consequence there are now chapters that have a fundraising agreement and chapters with a grant agreement. Several pains were mentioned; the Foundation was not present in Vienna at a conference on fundraising and, WMF officers are found not to have room to negotiate.

Currently the Dutch chapter has a grant agreement. The question raised is, what does this mean for the chapter and its activities. Fundraising takes a lot of effort and it takes away from the activities these funds are needed for. On the other hand a chapter involved in fund raising will grow its ability to run projects.

The biggest issue raised however is who decides what is strategic in a specific area. The Dutch chapter has been very active in GLAM and Wikimedia loves Monuments. This is not that much in line with the published WMF strategy but the effect has been stellar. The autonomy of a chapter to have local strategies and projects is why we are a Wikimedia movement and not a single organisation.

The question is, how will we ensure that we remain effective and a grass roots movement.


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This is rather off-topic, but in case you're still involved with the OmegaWiki project and the Open Progress Stichting, you may want to provide some input to this discussion: