Monday, October 17, 2011

#Wikipedia in the languages of #India is doing fine

The #statistics for the Indic languages show a healthy growth. A growth of less then 30% per annum makes a language an under performer.

The statistics below indicate a decrease in traffic for the English Wikipedia of 5% per annum. As all these numbers are for world wide traffic, it is not valid to compare English with the Indic languages. It would be nice to know how English is doing in India alone.

This might tell us if English is experiencing a similar growth in India. When it does, it is a vindication for the strategy of focusing on India and by inference on the global south.

In the last year, the quality of the localisation has improved for several languages and my theory is that this combined with an ever growing number of articles is why the growth is so healthy.

At we are experimenting with WebFonts and Narayam for several languages. The initial feedback and response on the current functionality is great. The quality of the support we provide is largely due to the communities that are providing us with the necessary feedback.

When you are looking for similar functionality for your language, let us know.
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