Sunday, October 30, 2011

A new #Wikipedia for #Africa

A new Wikipedia in the Northern Sotho language has been created. Northern Sotho is spoken in South Africa and, the South African chapter has shown its interest in the creation of this new project.

The project has just been created, the content is still to be transferred from the Incubator. A mail has been send to have the traffic for this new project included in the statistics. Everything is new and we wish this project well.

With the current focus on the Northern Sotho language, it will be cool when people volunteer to be its language support team. Many open source projects including MediaWiki will be able to support this language properly when we know for sure that the CLDR information for Northern Sotho is correct and complete.

Given the interest of the South-African chapter, it will be so cool when they are motivated to ensure that the languages of South Africa are all well documented in the standards.
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