Sunday, October 09, 2011

#PhoneGap is an #Apache project

When the #Wikimedia #mobile team started to ask around about PhoneGap and then started to use it, it became a subject of interest. The news that PhoneGap is now an Apache Software Foundation project is certainly newsworthy.

This news follows the recent acquisition of Nitobi, the company behind PhoneGap by Adobe. The initial signals are that Adobe will continue to use PhoneGap. This makes the news of the move to Apache extra welcome.

When a tool is used and useful, its organisation and its future is relevant. Apache is certainly one of the big names in Open Source and it is where a community can continue to prosper and go from strength to strength.

Understanding the use of PhoneGap in the light of the recent MobileFrontend escapes me at this point; has this been a prerequisite for the use of PhoneGap or is it unrelated. As it is an app, I expect it to be unrelated. What I wonder is if its use finds its way in the mobile statistics as this can have a huge impact given the installed base of mobiles with a webconnection.
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