Saturday, October 22, 2011

#Wikipedia is seen in other languages

Slowly but surely, the "other languages" are getting traction. October 2011 is when the top 10 Wikipedias are likely to leave more then 10% of the page views to the other Wikipedias.

The popularity of Wikipedia is growing nicely for many languages; the Chinese Wikipedia for instance grew 289% on a yearly basis. For many languages the growth rate is in the double digits and together they more then offset the lack of growth for the English Wikipedia.

When the Localisation team will introduce its functionality in production, it is likely to boost the usability for many languages. When the general public starts to perceive this in a positive way, we will get more readers and editors. All these people will be making a difference for their language and culture; they make freely licensed encyclopaedic information in their language on the Internet their own.
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